Quick and Accurate Inspections

Legionella water contamination poses risks to your employees, clients, and more. Given the nature of cooling towers, they provide the necessary environment for legionella outbreaks.

The proliferation of this bacteria is generally found in conjunction with corrosion, scaling, and fouling of your cooling system. To keep your cooling tower operating like new, it will require regular monitoring, preventative maintenance, and the treatment of fill media.

Luckily, ETS Inc. specializes in early detection and treatment of Legionella with modern and innovative techniques.

In partnership with Canada’s Spartan Bioscience, we are able to test for Legionella cultures on the spot with results in 45-minutes. This ground-breaking technology allows you to test for the bacteria in real time, providing you with the ability and warning to protect your cooling system.

Stop the Infection Before It Starts

Preventing Legionella is highly dependent on the maintenance team you choose to care after your cooling tower. Our team is highly-meticulous with over 50-points of inspection to ensure optimal performance while helping our clients to understand what is happening in their systems.

Keeping on top of your cooling tower not only keeps your cooling tower running smoothly, it keeps your operations safe.

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