Structural Alterations

Upgrade Capacity and Establish Safety

Two of ETS Inc.’s fields of expertise are safety and installations. We specialize in offering structural alterations, such as basin replacements, industrial safety equipment installation, and support structure upgrades for our clients who value being prepared and insured against future damage.

Safety Comes First

With decades of experience, we have seen safety regulations change time-and-time again, with each change bringing advancements for the safety of our employees and our clients. Be it a hospital, manufacturing plant, power generation or any other commercial/industrial building, ETS Inc. can help establish safety measures and equipment installments such as these:

  • rooftop platforms
  • self-closing safety gates
  • rooftop walkway systems
  • temporary work platforms
  • cooling tower access platforms
  • rooftop guardrails
  • safety cages
  • cooling tower access ladders
  • protective railing systems

Build with the best. Upgrade your capacity and Safety with ETS Inc.